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Your First Visit to Dr. Fronczak's Office:


First visit #1
  1. Dr. Fronczak will perform a free examination and let you know whether you or your child could benefit from treatment.
2. If Dr. Fronczak recommends treatment and you want to proceed, his staff will take diagnostic records so Dr. Fronczak can determine the exact treatment plan. First visit #2
3. After Dr. Fronczak thoroughly studies the diagnostic records, you will meet with him again for a free consultation appointment. At this meeting, he will educate you on the details of your customized orthodontic treatment plan. Alix

Payment Methods:

Dr. Fronczak accepts a variety of orthodontic insurances.

For your convenience, you can make payments with:

  • Check
  • MasterCard or Visa
  • Automatic monthly charges to your credit card


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